Mani Monday

by Vanity Room

Spring has arrived and although it doesn't feel like it in NYC, one can celebrate with an awesome mani this Monday. If you're on the West Coast posting pictures of the beach and the sun, well - I am insanely jealous of you right now. 

To brighten up the spirits of those living in the Big Apple, Spring inspired colors for your mani can give you that feel of Spring that you're missing out on. I guess if Spring isn't actually here, we can pretend it is until it's an actual reality, right? And if you're enjoying the sun on the West Coast, it's probably time for a new manicure this week.

A French manicure is always a good classic that'll go with any season. It's always in style and makes you look put together. If you're into a more simple but elegant look, have no doubts with the French manicure.

Roses are the symbol of Spring, or any flowers for that matter. It's a cute way to be decorative and a bit more unique compared to the French manicure. This is a cute way to stand out and gain lots of compliments for how pretty and artsy your nails look.

Pinks, yellows, and whites are great for the Springtime since they're such bright and cheery colors. They also remind people of Easter colors, especially when you're on the hunt for those colorful Easter eggs. Add a little jewel for some edge or a bit of floral for some contrast. Of course if you're feeling like a go-getter, get both!

Of course who can forget the pastel?! Spring is when the door is wide open for all the pastel colors to come out, whether it's your pastel pink duster coat or a cute pastel blue on your nails. Anything pastel looks great and gives a very Spring/Summer vibe. If you're leaning towards something bright, but still wanting to keep it simple, pastel is the right choice for you.

Which one will you pick this Monday?