Leather Or Pearls

by Vanity Room

There are many thoughts that go into picking out an outfit.  For example, where you are going, who do you want to impress, what is the weather and most importantly how do you want to be perceived?  However, what women usually dress base their outfit choice on is what type of mood they are in. Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet faced with the everyday struggle of choosing naughty or nice? The women at Vanity Room can all agree that the struggle is real! So that is why we picked one of our simple yet fun crop tops to show how we can make leather or pearls work with it. If you decide to go with the leather definitely play up your look. Match a leather slit skirt with a modern harness belt and top it off with a studded bag. You will be transformed into a rock and roll chick with style sass! If you want to a softer look, grab your pearls, style your go-to top not and pair it with a fringe bag to complete your girly look. No matter what way you decide you can always make whatever you have in your closest work with your mood.