Meet The VR Team: Cat Chiara

by Vanity Room

Meet Cat, the designer turned consultant for Vanity Room. 

Cat, who has been working for Vanity Room for a few years now, started off as a freelance designer and is now our head designer. She has recently switched roles and now also does creative consulting for VR. She is currently launching her own handcuff inspired  jewelry collection called Cuffs by Chiara.

We sat down with Cat in her cozy Soho apartment to discuss her role at VR, her jewelry collection and to meet her insanely chic feline friend, Felina!

What made you first interested in fashion?

I really can't remember a time that I wasn't interested in fashion.  I was obsessed with styling my own outfits and at a very young age I started designing and sewing clothes. I remember being 15 and my mother trying to get me to go to sleep, but I refused because I wanted to finish making an outfit to wear the next day to school. 


How did you transition into a jewelry designer?

It really was an accident. I have been making jewelry for many years, but only for myself or to give as gifts. I had made myself a bracelet and I started getting demands for it from friends and even strangers. I decided to turn it into a business and that is how Cuffs By Chiara was born!

Theres a quote “ A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”  Do you think this is true? 

I think accessories are very personal and can show an individual's personality much more than clothing.  I am a huge believer in investing in great accessories, but I love pairing my more expensive pieces with my VR clothing.  


What is your favorite piece you own from the Vanity Room?

I'm a huge fan of all the tight dresses and so is my boyfriend!  They are so easy to pack and are seasonless. 


NYC is a loud place. Where do you enjoy editing blog posts and instagrams?

For me, there really is no place like home. I enjoy sitting at my dining room table because there is a large window that soaks my apartment with sun light and of course Felína sneaks onto my lap for naps. 


What is important when it comes to posting an instagram?

Well I think that changes depending on if it's a personal post or company post. However, I think a crisp photo that has a clear fous is the most important component of a great post. 

What is your favorite place to go on a coffee break during work?

Hands down Sant Ambroues, they have the best cappuccino in the states. That is where my boyfriend and I take work breaks together, he's from Florence so he enjoys talking to the baristas in Italian and I love listening to them.

What is your typical day of work?

There is no typical day for me, I travel a lot and my work always comes with me wether I'm in another city, country or on the beach.